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Mikołaj Trzaska - alto saxophone, bass clarinet.
Raphael Rogiński - guitar
Macio Moretti - drums

1. I See Through My Nose
2. Traditional Hasidic Melody I
3. I Will Eat You Tomorrow
4. A Drawing On The Bottom of the Plate
5. Traditional Hasidic Melody II
6. You + Cookie = Happiness
7. You Are Not Alone with This Song
8. Ha-Huncvot
9. To Think More Positively About Germans
10. Traditional Hasidic Melody III
11. Dinner with the Giant

All compositions by Trzaska/Rogiński/Moretti except 3,5,10
Recording in Casa De Macio in Warszawa / Radość , 7-8 September 2009
Mastering by Tomasz Duda
Mixing by Piotr Zabrodzki - 25-30 January 2013


Band members:

Mikołaj Trzaska - Bb, bass clarinets, alto saxophones
Wacław Zimpel - alt, Bb, bass clarinets
Michał Górczyński - Bb, bass clarinets
Mike Majkowski - double bas;
Adam Żuchowski - double bas;
Paweł Szpura - drums

1. by boat
2. buckets on the doorstep
3. bicycle herd
4. despair on birch
5. walk to the edge
6. harvest ax
7. wedding, boat and the end

Recording: Bartłomiej Kopeć (Radiofonia.fm)
The disc is a concert recording at the OFF Festival 2012
Many thanks to Artur Rojek - for inspiration and implementation.
Thank you Piotr Sznajder for your continued support. We also thank the entire festival audience, thanks to the unique atmosphere of the concert was unforgettable for us.

July 4, when the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, was premiere new album IRCHA

Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Clarinet Quartet

Zikaron - Lefanay

1 Night Flight To The City (by all band)
2 Red Shoes (gypsy traditional)
3 Builder-Block Pampim (M. Górczyński)
4 Upper Trias Caspian Fuge (M. Trzaska)
5 Inner Uprising / Akhtamar (all band - armenian traditional)
6 In Side Your Bely (M. Trzaska)
7 Climbing And Sliding/Nigun Number 115 (Zimpel - hadisc traditional)

Mikołaj Trzaska: bass, Bb metal clarinets
Michał Górczyński: Bb, bass clarinets
Paweł Szamburski: Bb, bass clarinets
Wacław Zimpel: alt, Bb, bass clarinets and toragato

"Złota Platyna" Remont Pomp,
Mikołaj Trzaska & Mike Majkowski.

View on YouTube !

Listen to excerpts

The album "Złota Platyna" was attended by:

Remont Pomp composed of:
Magdalena Spaleniak - djembe, bass drum, table, barrels.
Izabela Romińska - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Wojciech Birtus - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Sebastian Włodarek - djembe, table, barrels.
Oskar Małolepszy - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Jacek Ćeślicki - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Groszek Stanilewicz - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Jarosław Marciszewski - bass drum, table, barrels, guitars.
Tomasz Antonowicz - djembe, table, barrels.
Clement Quelin - djembe, table, barrels.
Helena Baklagina - djembe, percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Pedro Gata Gonzalez - djembe, percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Jan Skiba - percussion instruments, table, barrels.

Special guests:
Mikołaj Trzaska - saks. alt, saks. tenor c.
Mike Majkowski - double bass

Premiere concert takes place at the Festival Akcept. http://akcept.gak.webd.pl

Mark Sanders, Hasse Poulsen, Paul Dunmall

Paul Dunmall - tenor and soprano saxophone
Hasse Poulsen - guitar
Mark Sanders - drums

Watching Edvard
Ircha - Mikołaj Trzaska Clarinet Quartet

Ircha - Mikołaj Trzaska Clarinet Quartet
Watching Edvard

Mikołaj Trzaska - bass, Bb metal clarinets
Michał Górczyński - Bb, bass clarinets
Paweł Szamburski - Bb, bass clarinets
Wacław Zimpel - alt, Bb, bass clarinets and toragato

PREMIERE: 06 December 2011

Inner Ear
Breathing Steam


 1 Lonely Consumer 04:16:48
 2 Once Upon A Time In A Swamp 03:32:10
 3 Monster confessions 07:08:21
 4 Water Lilies in MoMA 03:25:05
 5 Watch My Tongue 03:17:56
 6 How Long Is The Train? 09:56:70
 7 Straw, Ash, Clay, Lead 06:41:05
 8 Ta-Pies 04:51:54
 9 For Our Mothers 03:56:45
10 Tibetan Gypsy 05:22:46
11 Antipodist 01:08:04

Mikołaj Trzaska - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, taragot
Steve Swell - trombone
Per-Ake Holmlander- tuba
Tim Daisy - drums

According to The New York City Jazz Record - Album
Reed Trio - Last Train To The First Station


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